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Terra Seal

What is Terra Seal?

Terra Seal Oil Well Plugging
Terra-Seal™ is a patented abrasive jet cutting completion process to cut smoothly through casing with high-pressure slurry (up to four or more casings).

Terra-Seal™ is designed to excavate vertical windows in the cement and deep into near well-bore rock in two 180o-phased directions (up to 4 sets).

The Terra-Seal™ machine is the only down-hole tool that can be per-programmed to control itself at down-hole point of engagement and not at surface, including azimuth orientation. This is a big advantage over competing technologies.

The application of Terra-Seal™ is ideal in any cement squeeze repair of bad casing; new well completion; secondary recovery of oil or gas production from depleted zones; or where previous completion or fracturing was unstable or ineffective; any open-hole or cased wells that have low permeability, low porosity, high pressure, near-well-bore damage, or other production problems; can be run in vertical or horizontal wells; also to improve water-cut & increase production. Terra-Seal™ can fix problems caused by fracking.

Terra Seal Oil Well Plugging
Benefits of the Technology

Re-distributes stresses away from near-well-bore zone

Porosity increases >> 4-5x; Permeability >> 15x

Drainage volume increases 6.2x greater than bore-hole

Very deep penetration (compared to perforation)

Eliminates screen-outs, lamination, skin effects, etc.

Creates vertical permeability that does not normally exist in nature
– full thickness through inter-bedding & layers

Has a longer lasting effect than any other technology

"Managed balanced" drilling – not overbalanced

So powerful it can cut multiple casings & deep into rock

Does not crack casing or cement / keeps hydraulic integrity

The only technology that actually excavates rock

Accurate & controllable connection / communication

Helps direct a hydraulic fracture (even near water)

Follow-up intensification methods also show increased results due to huge
drainage surface (i.e. acidization, hydro-fracturing, acoustics, etc.)

Ecologically safe / environmentally friendly


Reservoir engineering, numerical modeling, completion engineering design, economic evaluation, casing/rock analysis

Cut dimensions are calibrated beforehand

Real-time digital monitoring provided

Orientation tool field-tested, high accuracy

Confirm final measurements with cutting returns and DHV or well test logging

Risks and Costs

Risks of failing to cut are minimal, even for multiple casings and cement. Equipment is designed for deep cuts. Cutting and orientation ability can be demonstrated on surface prior to job. Costs ranges depend on size, depth, and number of terra-slices, and complexity of the job. Risk and cost can be reduced further by consulting with experienced engineering and geological team of FalconRidge Oil .