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FalconRidge Oil Ltd.


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FalconRidge employs an advanced proprietary excavation and hydro cutting technology known as TerraSlicing. The Terra Slicing Technology (referred to as TST) is used to enhance "dead" or non-performing well assets, essentially revitalizing the per-existing well and establishing a flow rate with a significant percentage of its initial production. By applying TST, an operator will retrieve a significant portion of the well reserves still locked in the ground. TST is applied to the following environments:


Producing Well Assets

There is no
other advanced
like it

Dead wells

Non-performing well assets

Low yield assets


TerraSlicing may be used in virtually all environments and applications in the oil and gas industry. TST is applicable on land, or marine environments, and may be used for both Oil and Gas well applications, in vertical or horizontal formats. TST is the best option as an alternative to fracking.


Corporate Introduction (2:22)

The Company

FalconRidge is a oil and gas technology company that specializes in identifying and accessing additional petroleum reserves that are usually left in the ground. Our value proposition is extracting new resources from wells that have been assessed as uneconomic. Using TST, FalconRidge offers operators a lower-cost alternative to drilling a new well, with practically equal performance results. FalconRidge's goal is to shift the industry and social paradigm away from new drilling and towards increasing efficiency of current extraction in existing well-bores to increase recovery of oil and gas. Thus, when widely applied, TST can add significant reserves to the energy resources of the world.  


The Fracking Alternative
More Oil and Gas, Faster and Safer!


Featured Technologies

Oil and Gas Retrieval Technologies
Terra Slicing
TST is the most advanced water jetting technology today. TST uses high pressure abrasive slurry to cut the casing, the cement, and deep into the formation. Two vertical windows, each going out 6 to 15 feet, about 1 to 3 inches wide, and as vertically tall as necessary. Read More
Oil and Gas Retrieval Technologies
The Terra-Seal™ machine is the only down-hole tool that can be per-programmed to control itself at down-hole point of engagement and not at surface, including azimuth orientation. This is a big advantage over competing technologies.
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